Adds visual 3D markers for current quest objectives.

A remake of Just Visual Objectives by yvileapsis in a FOSE plugin with no performance impact.

In-game example



  • Edit F3VisualObjectives.ini file in Data/FOSE/Plugins.


Update 1.5 04.11.21 - fixed issues with markers not disappearing when they should, i.e. when controls are disabled. Fixed vanilla bug with custom map markers which didn’t work in many parts of the map.

Source code


  • yvileapsis for the original mod.
  • jazzisparis, luthien and lStewieAl for their work reverse-engineering New Vegas, which was essential for porting this mod.
  • carxt for their implementation of WorldToScreen.
  • lStewieAl (again) for their work on Command Extender and always being very helpful in general.