I’ve always felt overwhelmed with a long list of perks the game throws at you on level up, and found myself spending a long time trying to decide which perk to take. This mod attempts to solve that problem.

In-game example

Upon level up you will be presented with a choice of three randomly selected perks from the available perk pool. You will also have an option to re-roll the random selection up to three times, but that carries a chance of giving you an unlucky perk active until next level (Luck over 5 improves your chances a bit).
There is also an .ini that lets you completely exclude up to 5 perks from ever appearing.

Comes with full controller support, as shown in the video below.


  • PC: Mouse controls only, mousewheel scrolls perk description being hovered over.
  • Controller: Dpad Left/Right - perk selection, Up/Down - scroll description of a selected perk, Y - reroll, A - accept selection.

Known issues:

  • Pressing E or Tab while in perk menu breaks it - these keys control hardcoded functions in the perk menu and i haven’t found a way to get around that yet. To be safe, use either a mouse or a controller as described above to navigate new menu.
  • The mod currently does not handle cases where you have less than three perks available.


Update 1.0 17.11.2021:

  • Fixed an oversight with unlucky perks staying on forever if they were received on maximum possible level.
  • Fixed controller button events firing outside of Level Up menu.