Feature-complete implementation of Tetris in New Vegas, playable in your Pip-Boy.


How to play:

Pick up a cartridge on a table near a terminal in Prospector Saloon in Goodsprings. You can also use a console command player.additem XX00442A, where XX is mod’s index in the load order. After that, just click on the Tetris in the Misc tab of your inventory.

Keyboard controls are: Arrow Left/Right/Down to move the block, Arrow Up to rotate the block, Spacebar to pause, and Q to quit.

Xbox controller bindings are: D-pad Left/Right/Down to move the block, D-pad Up to rotate the block, Right Thumbstick to pause, and X to quit.

Blocks fall down every 900 ms by default, speed increases by 10% every level.


Update 2.0 28.09.21 - rewrote scripts using latest xNVSE features, optimized things here and there.

Huge thanks to: