Integrates Discord Rich Presence in TES IV: Oblivion, displaying stats and your in-game actions on your Discord profile, such as:

  • Which menu you’re currently in (paused, lockpicking, trading, sleeping, spellmaking, inventory, alchemy, enchanting, reading a book, or in main menu).
  • Character name, race, location, level, health and amount of gold.
  • Which character you are talking to or trading with.
  • Time played.

Everything can be toggled by setting the relevant settings to 0 (off) or 1 (on) in discordrpc_obse.ini.

Rich Presence is updated once every 15 seconds.



Unpack the archive to Oblivion game folder. You should have discord-rpc.dll in main folder and discordrpc_obse.dll and .ini in Data/OBSE/Plugins. To uninstall, delete these files.


  • Discord for Discord RPC library kindly provided on GitHub
  • OBSE team for Oblivion Script Extender
  • lStewieAl for fixing my noob mistakes
  • llde for xOBSE and mprovements in version 1.2

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